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What do we mean by Free Clinics
(Free Medical Clinic/Free Dental Clinics)

* Where one can get free medical help .

* Some of the listings we have do charge very little fee.

* Some places they ask you for small donation.    We still list them Free Medical clinicss/Clinics as they are almost free.

There is one listing which ask for $20.00 per visit.     We considered listing them, we made a note in the listing that they charge. As long as we see a motive towards helping people who are in need of medical help we consider them Free Clinics (We agree that we are going away from "Free") but we know their effort is worth lot more to lots of people.

* Some are for low income people, some are for homeless

* Some only serve the local community residents.

* Some Clinics are specific to HIV treatment etc. (We list them as well)

What are the other sources?

* Consider your local county Health Department

* Religious  organizations and charities.

* Doctors/Nurses organizations .

* Searching the internet.

Other Suggestions are welcome .



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